You’ve got to be smarter and more proactive, more aware of the opportunities and more alert to the challenges the world of digital represents. And that’s as true for us as it is for our clients.

‘Digital Smarter’ sums up our ethos here at E2. It reflects a refusal to accept the status quo, and a commitment to remaining agile. It speaks to a desire to come up with the next big change to hit the digital space, and a willingness to be an early adopted should someone else discover it sooner.

It’s also about helping our clients work smarter – using technology to enhance efficiency, streamline processes and save money. That doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for them to ask the question – it means actively searching for ways to add value to their businesses.

And adding value is something we take great pride in. As our clients’ ‘digital partner’ it’s our responsibility to have our finger on the pulse, educating them on the most recent innovations, monitoring the latest threats, and striving for that extra 1% that will give them an edge over their competition.

Digital smarter also guides our recruitment policy. Nobody here simply turns up and grinds out a day’s work. Ours is a creative environment, one where every individual is encouraged to think outside the box, and expected to be able to solve new challenges as and when they arise.

That collective intelligence frees our clients up to concentrate on the things they do best – developing new relationships, nurturing new prospects, and growing their businesses.