Comparing Text Ads Before And After Expanded Ads

If you don't have expanded ads just yet, or you are curious how big of a difference expanded ads make, here is a comparison chart of the changes via the Inside AdWords blog.

adwords table


Which can make your expanded ad look like this:



The AdWords blog also has pointed out some great results that brands have seen so far thanks to expanded ads. Guitar Center saw a "...2x increase in CTR." L'Oréal saw a "...92% increase in click-through rate for one of our brands, compared to our old text ads." EE Limited also was able to "...increase clickthrough rates by up to 79%.” All thanks to Expanded Ads.  

But if you think beyond just the additional characters you are allowed with the Expanded Ads, you can create a truly expanded ad that will give searchers the information they need to click or contact your business. Here's how.

Knowing Which Ad Extensions to Utilise First

Before you start writing your Expanded Ad copy, figure out what you can squeeze into Ad Extensions. For example, advertisers will have many of the following options for Search Network with Display Select or Search Only campaigns with All features.



If you have a local business, you can utilise the Location Ad Extension. AdWords will connect to your Google My Business (formerly your local Google+ pages) to find and display your address and phone number for local searchers. Use this, so you don't use your Expanded Ads text for your cross-streets or phone number!


Do you have a couple of great products or services you want to point your target audiences towards? If so, don't just mention them in your Expanded Ads text. Use your Sitelinks to link directly to them instead.


If your business doesn't have a physical address that customers can visit, but it does have a number they can call, then you can use this Extension. Again, use this, so you don't use your Expanded Ads text for your phone number!


For some businesses, getting a customer to download their app means instant loyalty has been achieved. If you want to give people the option to use your website or install your app immediately, you can do so with the App Extension.


Got great reviews? Add them beneath your Expanded Ads text with the Reviews Extension. It allows you to pull specific types of brand mentions that can be sourced into your ad.


Want to really stand out from your competitors? Think about those deals that you know your customers are going to want. Free shipping. Next day delivery. Free delivery. Removal of an old piece of furniture. Whatever it is, you can include it in Callouts. They are just another way to add more information to your Google AdWords ad without using your expanded number of characters.

Structured Snippets

Structured Snippets are similar to Callouts. But instead of it being a time sensitive or free offer, you're simply sharing a list of items with people so they can quickly figure out what you have to offer in terms of products and services. It might be better to do this with Sitelinks, however.

Taking Advantage of Your Expanded Ad Text

From this point, once you know what information you're putting in your Ad Extensions, you will be able to focus the rest of your precious characters for the Expanded Ad text. As you will be able to see from the following examples, you can mix and match a couple of Ad Extensions with your Expanded Ads to get the most attention possible.

First, let's recall the simple Expanded Ad, using only the extra allowed characters.



Now, let's look at their same ad, this time with what looks to be the Callouts Ad Extensions.



Next, let's step it up with their competitors, who introduce Callouts, Structured Snippets, and Sitelinks.



You can see how Ad Extensions combined with Expanded Ad text copy can help you create a great presence in search results. Sometimes the key is to look at your competitors for specific keywords to see what they are doing. You may not need six-lines of ad copy to catch a new customer's attention where a simpler three-line ad will be cleaner and easier for the average customer to read.

One of the most crucial parts of this exercise is to make sure you use the search terms you are targeting in your text copy. You can see in the most recent example that Merchant Services is bold because that was the phrase the searcher queried. Having that bold in the text, along with your Extensions, is essential.

Creating a Clean Follow Through

From this point, it's all about making sure that the landing page you send your AdWords visitors to matches all of the claims your ad made in the Expanded text as well as the Ad Extensions. Every product, service, claim, testimonial, guarantee, etc. that was in the ad should be on the landing page they go to as well. Otherwise, you could lose them and the potential ROI they could have brought to your AdWords campaign and business.

The customer already has the crumb – the phrase they searched. All you have to do is keep dropping them throughout your sales funnel, from the initial Expanded AdWords Ad to the checkout page where you carry out any deals or guarantees offered in Ad Extension Callouts.


Ultimately you will notice that certain combinations of phrases and landing pages are performing better than others in terms of getting click throughs and conversions. If that's the case, devote more budget to those ads, study them along with their respective landing pages, and replicate them across other phrases.

Remember that testing should include trying more minimalistic ads along with the new Expanded Ads. In a clutter of lengthy, keyword-filled ads, one ad with just two sentences and a row of Sitelinks Ad Extensions could stand out even more.

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