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The Next Big Thing for Blue Coconut

Founded shortly after the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2011, Blue Coconut Natural Coconut Oil is an example of a true Canterbury success story.

As the public have become more and more  interested in alternative foods, Blue Coconut‘s mission has become one of education as well as sales.

Their old website was loaded with material, articles, videos and guides. But five years on the design was dated and the CMS was too difficult for the staff at Blue Coconut to have direct control over.

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We needed to make Blue Coconut a site that was attractive and easy to control, and could be easily used by both retail and commercial customers. It needed to be able to house the content that had made the old Blue Coconut site a useful resource, and retain the solid SEO presence that it had established.  


A robust e-commerce facility was required and the Blue Coconut team wanted to handle wholesaler purchases through the site. Our development team quickly decided that this was a job for Shopify.

The Shopify system is incredibly easy to use and could easily be customised to accommodate all of Blue Coconut’s content and wholesaler requirements.

Execution and Results

We quickly built the Blue Coconut site on the Shopify platform and migrated all of their content and products across to the new platform.

We installed customisations to the site to allow for wholesale pricing, exclusive shipping rates and a special checkout just for wholesalers.

The new site is a beautiful and elegant e-commerce facility that reflects the pacific spirit of the company. It performs well and customers buy Blue Coconut Oil through it every day.

Blue Coconut