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Making Hanmer’s tracks accessible with a mobile friendly site.

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A handy guide to Hanmer's tracks and trails

Making Hanmer’s tracks accessible for mountain bikers and walkers with a mobile friendly website.

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‘So many trails, so little time, where do I start and which track is best for my capability?’ Committed to supporting their region’s ongoing development as a thriving tourism destination, the good folk at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pool and Spa approached us with the idea of an app to promote the fantastic walking and mountain bike tracks around Hanmer. 


After considerable research and some practical thinking and problem solving we developed Hanmer Trails, a mobile-first website. The site, designed primarily with mobile users in mind, delivers key information on well-known (and lesser known) local trails- from easy forest ambles to challenging multi-day treks. The tracks are made highly accessible through bold, appealing design and strong integration with Google Maps. Individual track profiles outline key features, times, distances and difficulty levels of each walk and mountain bike trail to ensure visitors can match their adventure with their own experience level and ability.


When developing the site, we used a two stage approach that prioritised user centric aspects and provided scope to expand features as required. By creating a responsive site (as apposed to an app) the cost to set up, maintenance and promotion of Hanmer Trails was reduced, while still retaining an app-like feel and usability.


Walkers and mountain bikers love it. Hanmer Trails will become another key tool in the promotion of the Hanmer Springs region.

Hanmer Trails