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Empowering Kiwis with smarter financial solutions.

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Personal Financial Design

Lifetime is a full-service financial advisory practice committed to securing a smarter financial future for Kiwis through tailored advice. With a nationwide team of expert advisers, Lifetime provide loan, insurance and investment solutions from purchasing your first property, to investing in business growth and protecting your assets. 

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Our challenge

Present the Lifetime Group as a source of information and develop interactive tools with which users can plan significant financial decisions. Provide a platform upon which Lifetime Group Advisers can display their experience, credentials and contact information in a single place and in a consistent manner.

Our solution

We used qualitative analysis to build a profile of the drivers, motivations and barriers of each market segment. This enabled us to identify insights that helped shape Lifetime's communication and digital strategy.

We then created a completely responsive site, which is as dynamic on a smartphone as it is on a desktop. The site is packed full of bold, evocative images all of which help to reassure the consumer and showcase Lifetime's expertise and experience.

The site encompasses a range of financial modelling tools to assist consumers when planning their finances, including a mortgage and net worth calculator. The new site includes blog articles and detailed landing pages full of tips and advice.

Throughout the site we employed strong calls-to-action to 'Find an Advisor' and made it easy for visitors to download resources on making smarter financial decisions.

SilverStripe was our chosen platform as it was necessary to have an intuitive content management system for Lifetime's new website. SilverStripe makes it incredibly simple for Lifetime's team to upload new content and keep the site fresh and relevant.


Testament to the ease of uploading new content and adding pages, Lifetime has seen increased on-site engagement. Since launch, has seen a 40% increase in page views and a 20% increase in average session duration when compared with the previous year.