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Red Bands – A Kiwi Icon

Traditionally gumboots have always come up to just below the knee. However in 1958 staff at Marathon Rubber Footwear – the forerunner to Skellerup – decided to create a shorter boot and on 21st October the first pair of Red Band gumboots rolled off the production line and became an instant hit around the country.

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Red Band approached E2 Digital to reinvigorate the online presence and to raise brand awareness with the goal of driving more customers to the retailer outlets.

To do this we needed to develop a concept to not only look great but to redefine the customers experience.

Our goals were simple:

  • Refresh the brand in consumers’ minds
  • Communicate family offering
  • Showcase Red Band’s rich heritage and create user generated engagement


Kiwis have a rich personal history associated with Red Bands. We knew that giving the site a facelift and making it optimised wasn’t enough to resonate with the target market.

We came up with a custom, user generated image gallery to create engagement and leverage the passion for the brand. When combined with the greater focus on the brand’s imagery, usability and focused calls-to-actions we could really showcase how much Red Bands are part of our history.

Execution and Results

We launched a fully responsive, mobile optimised website with a custom user generated image gallery. The overall results were significant improvements in site visitors and user engagement.

Skellerup Red Band