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Roofingsmiths new website gives strength to the brand as a powerful, unique national identity of trusted local installers of quality roofs.

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Crafting Quality Roofs

Roofingsmiths are an independently owned and operated network of expert roofer installers with branches throughout the country. As part of their growth, new branding and a new website was commissioned to showcase Roofingsmiths services nationwide.

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Roofingsmiths old website had limitations which meant that displaying the quality of the service offered was not being conveyed. Premium panoramic imagery needed to convey the scope of Roofingsmiths offering to both homeowners, architects and builders as well as commercial developers.

Their new website needed to be easy to navigate as well as reflecting the expertise and down-to-earth personality of the network. It needed to be interactive and responsive, with increased functionality to access documents, galleries and technical information.


Roofingsmiths new website has been designed to showcase their roofing capability, and to deliver a modern and clean design that strengthens the brand.

The platform we used was SilverStripe, an intuitive Content Management System that makes it easy for the Roofingsmiths team to upload new content and keep the site looking fresh and relevant.

The flexibility, usability and scalability of SilverStripe made it perfect for Roofingsmiths varied audience. It’s easy for home owners to navigate, yet can also accommodate the high volume of complex technical information required by architects and construction professionals.

Execution and Results

Bold banners were used to highlight the premium roofing products and service being offered. The user journey was the primary consideration during the design phase, and the end result is a stylish site that’s inspirational and easy to navigate!