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For their expansive range of products we built Skellerup a one-stop, responsive site.

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If it weren’t for your Red Bands where would you be?

Skellerup is one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers of dairy and footwear products. They’ve been manufacturing the iconic red band gumboots for over 70 years and also supply an expansive range of products across multiple industries, specialising in dairy products. Their old Joomla! sites were looking dated, so Skellerup called on us to help them with an online clean up. 

Our challenge was to bring together existing facets of their business and create one modern website. To do this we incorporated two historic microsites into the main site. The new site was created to maximise enquiries and make finding products as easy as possible. The development of one responsive site means visitors can get the information they require on any device. Whether in the office or out in the field (literally), the site we created provides user-friendly access for both existing and prospective customers. The store locators enable visitors to quickly find their local retailer, making it easy for them to buy products or seek further advice. 

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