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  • Vbase Intranet

Vbase Intranet

Vbase is the manager of Christchurch’s premier convention, entertainment and sporting venues, including Horncastle Arena and AMI Stadium.

“At Vbase we host the great highlights of life. Every day we deliver amazing experiences through venue management, event management and retail hospitality solutions across our diverse venue portfolio – Horncastle Arena, AMI Stadium, Air Force Museum, ilex Café & Events and Hagley Oval Pavilion.“

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Vbase asked E2 Digital to undertake a full redesign and development of their intranet platform. The intranet was present on their original site but disabled on their new responsive Vbase website ( which E2 developed and pushed live in October 2014, as a complete overhaul was required.


We developed a solution that could satisfy Vbase’s diverse needs ranging from user and contact management to content management and media syndications right through to a custom integrated help system.

The client had several requirements including:

• have the same look and feel as the current Vbase website;
• created in such a way that speaks to the staff primarily rather than on the reporting point of view;
• have the ability to provide user-specific information (personalise) based on login and password;
• be covered by SSL;
• be easily able to accommodate the data of over 650 staff;
• have a profile page for each user once they’ve logged in;
• have the ability to ‘unpublish’ staff members efficiently once they have left the company;
• have all human resource based calls to action set up in such a way that they are easily editable; 
• have the ability to send out ‘news’ alerts via text message (SMS alert integration) to all staff who have signed up.

Execution and Results

A scalable and robust solution that seamlessly interacted with the main website that was able to manage the internal business requirements.