The best designs blend striking creative with intuitive functionality, resulting in sites that are both memorable and user-friendly. At E2 we do just that, paying constant consideration to the needs of the end user while crafting beautiful looking sites. We’re passionate about creative, and that passion shines through in the work we do. The sites we build are unique and impactful; sometimes challenging, often innovative, and always designed to generate results.


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User Experience Design

User experience is the art of making each trip to your website as effortless and enjoyable as possible for the visitor, and as productive as possible for you. The aim is to encourage people to return time and time again, and to tell their friends to visit too. By understanding your demographic – their preferences, beliefs and preconceptions – we can enhance their online experience and influence their behaviour.

user experience

Digital Design

When it comes to digital design, form and function go hand in hand. From simple aesthetics to complex navigational issues we consider every aspect of the end user’s needs, crafting sites that as smart as they are elegant; as slick to use as they are dynamic to view. That ensures you digital assets will nurture your relationship with your audience, and enhance your ability to convert browsers into buyers. 

digital design

Digital Asset Production

Producing great digital assets relies heavily on something very close to our hearts – collaboration. Our web designers and developers work alongside creatives from a range of disciplines - including graphic designers, copywriters and photographers – to produce a visual footprint that reflects who you are as a business; a solution that works consistently across every platform, channel and medium.

digital asset production