Web development – it’s what we started out doing and where we forged our reputation. As a result we’ve been able to attract some of the country’s most experienced and gifted developers; industry leaders who have helped us not only grow and evolve, but remain at the forefront of web development in New Zealand.


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SilverStripe Content Management System

We have established a strong partnership with SilverStripe and for us it is simply the best platform on the market due to its flexibility, usability and scalability. It is now our platform of choice for all new web developments as it provides an engaging experience for both, website administrators and developers. It is feature rich, easy to develop and deploy, scalable and secure. SilverStripe is a Content Management System made in New Zealand and supported by a global network of professionals who are passionate about the web. It was chosen by the New Zealand government as their preferred CMS for the common web platform (CWP).

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Custom Development

We're proud, and privileged, to have some of the most talented developers the country has to offer – thought-leading, risk-taking experts capable of creating innovative solutions to the most complex of problems. They thrive on a challenge, relishing any opportunity to explore new methods and push the boundaries of what’s currently being done in New Zealand, and around the globe. 

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we create immersive, authentic and engaging experiences that alter the user’s reality in creative and practical ways. By designing AR and VR solutions for you and your business – including enriching and enhancing events, brand promotion, and visual representations of products in their physical reality – we can powerfully enhance your customer’s involvement, maximise brand and product awareness, and increase marketing ROI by delivering more impactful value to your audience. From small to large scale projects, we draw on our extensive skills in interface, design and development to create technologically advanced interactive applications which are easy to use. As well as stand-alone AR/VR applications, our solutions can also involve back-end infrastructure support, ecommerce, gamification elements, and motion and gesture responsive systems. And they’re all developed for a variety of platforms, including mobile, headset, latest generation head-mounted displays, and blended physical environments.

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