Our digital strategies are founded on knowledge, based on research, and driven by innovative thinking. They’re designed to help you capitalise on every opportunity the digital landscape presents, fulfilling your short-term goals and positioning you for long-term success in the process.


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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping helps guide overarching business strategy development and provides a full insight into exactly what your customers are thinking and feeling throughout the buying process. By focusing on buyer personas, the process involves ‘mapping’ the customer’s experience at every touchpoint, before, during and after conversion. Not only do these maps encourage you to focus on what your customers want, they also provide vital insights into where you might be missing out on customer interaction – whether that’s through your sales processes, product and service offerings, channel selection, key messages, communications, website or marketing automation programmes.

customer journey mapping

Strategic Planning

Our approach is a holistic one that stretches across web, mobile and social platforms and integrates seamlessly with offline channels such as TV, radio and print. It pays careful consideration to both your aspirations as a business, and the history, behaviour and characteristics of your audience. Every element is designed to serve a particular purpose, and every element is designed to generate a return on your investment. 

stategic planning

Client Service

Our client services team are responsible for overseeing your project. They’ll keep you informed throughout, regularly updating you on progress and ensuring the process really is a collaboration between our team and yours. They not only organise and allocate resources, manage budgets and ensure deadlines are met; they also provide the rest of our team with invaluable insights into your business, your industry, and your audience. 

client service


While there’s plenty of instinct and intuition involved in any digital project, there’s no guesswork. Every suggestion we make and decision we reach is based on in-depth research and a thorough understanding of your business, your stakeholders, and your audience. That leads to outcomes which not only increase engagement and enhance user experience, but which also deliver more bang for your buck.  



Aurora brings together an array of tools to streamline workflow, increase productivity, and improve the overall effectiveness of your operation. It’s an integrated resource that will enable you to spot emerging trends and capitalise on opportunities when they arise, and a library for your collateral; a centralised point where you can save and share everything from files and documents to imagery and videos.

aurora solution